European Tactical Realism

Welcome to European Tactical Realism!

What do we do?


We run a 24/7 Public server able to be joined right now! Looking to play? Ask around on our discord for any comrades!


We run weekly operations which are private! Looking to play in a more serious style? Sign up on our forum and join an operation!


We run training's whenever needed/required. These aren't weekly things. You want to refresh yourself on some topics? Be free to ask around!

What do we NOT do?

Yes Sir!

In our games we don't use Yes/No sir!
We are a semi-realism group which only uses basic tactics and no other bullshit.

How to join ETR?


Signup on our forum

Signup on our forum and activate your account.

Apply to be a recruit

Under the General Area fill in the Recruit Application. After filling it be free to ask about it on our Discord!


The Application process can take up to 48 hours (normally 2 hours). After we have accepted the application you are good to join our operation!