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European Tactical Realism is a miltary realism unit based around Arma 3. We play using light infantry combat tactics utilising a range of current military equipment,tactics and communication procedures,always seeking to achieve a balance between gameplay and fun.We run a 24/7 Public Arma Server which is available to all players (not just members/recruits) which incorporates,Group designed missions using a combination of third party mods and our own Group developed mods and functions for a challenging and immersive experience.

In addition, Recruits and Members may participate Operations created by the Members within our community, these Operations run every Saturday at 7pm UK.
Our Members/Recruits come from a wide range of countries including the US,UK,Germany and the Netherlands amongst others.We recognise that Arma is a game and have a very flat and relaxed structure and also that people have other interests and affiliations and therefore do permit ‘dual clanning’.

At the heart of our Community is our dedicated Teamspeak server (see link below or go to this address - tacticalrealism.eu:9999) and whether you are an Arma novice or an experienced player please feel free to hop on and say hi or ask for any help that you might need with Arma or to play on our Public Server.

To connect to our public server we use ARMA 3 Sync, a tutorial on how to use it and how to get our public repository for the server can be found HERE

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Upcoming Operation


WW2 Operation Tipperary – Saturday 10th December – 7pm UK

Sign Up Here   Operation Name: Operation Tipperary Force and Era: WW2 – British Army Force Type: Dismounted Map Name: Merderet V2 Overview: Since the invasion, we have forced the German forces back from key towns and bridges across the […]

Public Server Updates


Public Server Updates – Insurgency Takistan

Hi everyone!   As you all have noticed we’ve had our Insurgency Takistan mission running for a little while now. Jasper has worked hard to get this mission up and running for everyone and I have to say a big […]

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European Tactical Realism & Apex DLC

Hello Public Players, Recruits & Members   This is a bit of a PSA with regards to European Tactical Realism and our stance with regard to the Apex update and the new DLC available for Arma 3.   Here at […]


Feature Requests / Changes

The Management team have been recently discussing feature requests and have some concerns that members feel they are unable to contribute Features effectively or Features implemented differ to their vision. To rectify this we are changing the way we deal […]


Management Changes

Jasper who has been with the community since the early days, has now been bumped up officially to management and will be taking on the role of lead developer. This is in recognition for all his time and effort spent […]


ETR discord server

Hello guys, I set up a discord chat server. This has certain features which are really usefull and would like to test it with you. It is a good chat resolution with browser, app and mobile support. To join click […]


The fun when almost everyone leaves the public

So this happened short after almost everyone left last night. We spotted a BMP and decided to follow it up the hill (since Tombstone was still online). We didn’t spot the BMP, but we did spot something else…


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  • Sharp
    (Friday, Dec 9. 2016 06:47 PM)
    I’m awaiting food then i’ll be on
  • Maff
    (Friday, Dec 9. 2016 06:01 PM)
    Good for me.
  • Acid
    (Friday, Dec 9. 2016 05:58 PM)
    or say in 30 min
  • Acid
    (Friday, Dec 9. 2016 05:58 PM)
    @Maff I’m ready for it! 😛
  • Maff
    (Friday, Dec 9. 2016 02:36 PM)
    I’ll be there. If anyone wants to join before then, post here. I’m free from 1530.

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Membership is free and the server will continue to run for as long as people are playing.

Although your donations are not needed for our community to run if you like what we have here and feel that you could contribute a little then your donation is extremely well received.

Many thanks from the management!