WW2 Operation Tipperary – Saturday 10th December – 7pm UK


WW2 Operation Tipperary – Saturday 10th December – 7pm UK

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Operation Name: Operation Tipperary

Force and Era: WW2 – British Army

Force Type: Dismounted

Map Name: Merderet V2


Since the invasion, we have forced the German forces back from key towns and bridges across the Normandy coastline. The German high command has finally mustered up and is preparing a counter attack upon our particular bridge here at Chef-Du-Pont


We must use all our available assets here within the region and our location at the bridge to defend it to ensure the beaches remain secure, if the position becomes untenable we are to fall back but we’ll cross that bridge when it comes


Defend the bridge at Chef-Du-Pont until further orders

Enemy Force Composition:

Expect elements from the Fallschirmjäger, and other infantry divisions supported by artillery and APC’s

We aren’t expecting armoured support, but given the situation anything could happen, support from the air may be present but limited at best

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