Training 2016


Training 2016

Hey all

2016 will usher in a new standardised Training package. A series of modular training courses are being designed to ensure that we can cater training for all levels. All training courses will have a description in the Training courses area. To kick off January the training team will be delivering 3 courses that if taken in order will take a new/less confident player to an effective Fire-Team Leader. All the training courses will be specific packages for a specilisation, so that we can focus an improving player skills in weak areas, to hopefully produce well rounded players capable of playing a variety of roles and therefore lead to more challenging operations and more dynamic play sessions on the public server. Initially we will have a minimum of one training event a week, but this will be increased to include shorter role specific courses such as signals which will be beneficial for RTO’s and squad/section commanders. The training will not be compulsory to take roles in an operation but will improve your performance and enjoyment of your role, in some cases you may be recommended to a training course  after a performance review from management or the training team, don’t take this as a negative we want you to continue taking those roles but just with guidance to make it more enjoyable for you.

As with Operations we would require people to sign up for the event to ensure it is viable on that day, and also operational attitude will be enforced to ensure the sessions are stay within the time-frame. Hopefully the training will help increase the realism of our operations, but also lead to more tactical play on the public server.

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