Public server

European Tactical Realism; Rules and Mind-set


First off, most of the rules are common sense. However, this rule set has been provided to provide clarity for disputes, should there be any.
If you see anyone breaking ANY of these rules, please report it to an admin or moderator. Then the issue can be resolved in a calm manner. If possible, do not try to resolve the issue yourself, this can cause more problems than it actually prevents

1.No shooting upon friendly forces intentionally, this also applies to throwing grenades, even if non-lethal, at friendly forces. This rule should not be broken under any circumstances. Accidents are a given.
2.Do not exploit any bug in the game, to be able to do something that wasn’t meant to be done in the original game.
i)An example of such behaviour would be looking through walls that you can look through due to a bug in the game, which allows you to gain an advantage within the mission
ii)Using external programs to help you in game, such as scripts that can tell you the location of players or enemy forces. The only exception to this is sound packs and visual changers, such as JSRS, or SweetFX.
3.Respect other members, this means not being offensive to anyone, WHETHER THEY DESERVE IT OR NOT.
4.Lone wolfing is unacceptable. The only time this is an exception is if your squad has been killed in the field, and you are all alone. HOWEVER, should your squad die, your priority should be to reconnect with another squad or gain contact with your own squad and ask for instructions from your squad lead.
5.Do not communicate with others in the mission, using outside programs other than the TeamSpeak that the server is using. An example of this would be using Steam messages to talk to a member of another squad so that you can find out what is or isn’t in the AO, or their current location/status.
6.Whilst this is a UK based server, we request that you speak English over the main radio channel. In a squad however, if you have a
common language you may use that language, as long as you stick to the rule of English over the main radio channel.
7.If someone is new to the server, Arma, ACE 3, or ACRE2 then you should try to help them with any problems they have.
8.Do not do anything that could cause a detrimental effect to the gameplay, such as shooting civilians in the Insurgency mission, moving or damaging allied vehicles so that they cannot be used until they respawn.

Mind-set of players
1.Always listen to those who are in command of you, or your squad. Do not ignore their instructions because you think you know better. Even if you know that what is being said could be wrong, still do as they say. Possibly advise an alternative IF they ask you.
2.Never put somebody down due to their skill level. If they did something wrong gameplay wise, try to advise them on what they did wrong, and how they could improve upon it next time.