Public Server Events – WW2 Fridays


Public Server Events – WW2 Fridays

Hi everyone,


Its been quite a while since we’ve done an update but here goes;


As most of you know we’ve been updating the public server pretty much as fast as we can of late, we have the new FATA mission which is still in development and we are looking to upgrade chernarus very soon as well.


In order to bring a bit more variety to the public server we now have the new WW2 domination mission that we tested last night, and after we ironed out a couple of errors we have it working to a good point. There are a few things that will be updated in order to balance it a bit more but trust me when I say that it is in the works.


We will be looking to put the WW2 mission on every Friday for the foreseeable future, with updates in the works as we speak to fix a few niggling bugs we’ve found.


This requires a new repository for you guys to use and you can access that file from here:



Import the auto config as per normal procedure with the current auto config and jobs a good one!


I hope you all enjoy it and heres a few clips/pics from last night;

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