Platoon Sergeant


Platoon Sergeant

This role has been quite often underused in operations and has become a role that people would not select as a first option ,as they feel it is to much of a logistical role. To counter this we will be changing the role-map of the platoon sergeant. The platoon sergeant will now have a much more defined command. Section/Squad leaders will report to the PL SGT on the platoon net. The PL SGT will have local tactical command over the squads/sections and will carry out the strategic plan of the platoon commander. This will have many added benefits to the platoon commander.

This will reduce the amount of radio traffic the platoon commander has to cope with and will allow him to deploy his sections/squads and attachments more fluidly. He will direct the PL SGT with his plan and the SGT will then carry out that plan by overseeing the squads/sections. The PL SGT will receive all reports from the squads/sections and feedback relevant info to the platoon commander who can adjust his strategy accordingly. The Pl SGT will only have local tactical control, the platoon commander will still be overall responsible for the platoon.

This new role will allow members to use it as a stepping stone to taking platoon command and will follow a natural progression of FT leader, section commander, platoon sergeant and platoon commander, enabling members to gain confidence at increasing levels of responsibility.

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  • William Lloyd Bosch
    Mar 31, 2016 @ 23:18 pm

    That sounds awesome. Will there be a training course for Platoon Commander/Sergeant?

    • Bob
      Apr 1, 2016 @ 0:16 am

      Yes once we have enough members that have attended and completed FT leaders.

  • LionRampant
    Mar 31, 2016 @ 23:51 pm

    Will the Plt Sgt retain any logistical/support responsibilities? I just did an instructors course on platoon attacks at barry b in forfar 3/4 weeks ago and the sgt role is very useful and indeed very different to that of the plt cmdr – is there perhaps a chance that we might be loosing some of the value of a plt sgt in doing this (in terms of the Sgt keeping control of ammunition and generally just keeping the bloody plt commander under control?)

    i obviously support the change and agree that this will encourage more people to take the step up to a higher command role; just wanted to query.

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