Operation Trebuchet #2 – Saturday 7th January 2017 – 7pm UK


Operation Trebuchet #2 – Saturday 7th January 2017 – 7pm UK

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Operation Trebuchet #2

Force and Era: UNSC Marines
Force Type: Pelican Assault
Map Name: Altis
Attachment: 2x Armed Pelicans, 2x Hornets


The ODST Assault yesterday brought us limited success, we where able to capture the airfield but where unable to sustain this gain due to overwhelming enemy forces. Commanders decided to send the Marines in to secure the airfield, we sent in a company and only our platoon remains.

Further reinforcements are due within the hour to ensure a good foothold within the airfield and surrounding towns.

The Office Of Naval Intelligence (ONI) have expressed concerns about the build up of enemy Anit-Air positions and have heard rumblings of a “plan” to remove us off the island, as we all know ONI don’t like sharing so this is about as good as we’ll get.


With reinforcements on the way we must continue to press our gains;

We have tasked to secure the main port town of Pyrgos, however we have intel from the ONI division that the Insurrectionists have placed a significant Anti-Air position within a valley south of the town this will prevent our rapid assault and must be dealt with.

Once this position has been eliminated it will open up a free fly zone around the region meaning our air assets will have near unrestricted airspace to fly in, unless we come across foot mobile anti-air or Insurrectionist Hornets.

Take and secure the town of Pyrgos, up to now this is your Limit of Exploitation till we receive further orders from High Command. I will be in a briefing with the Admiral during the assault and will update you as and when the situation changes


– Eliminate Anti-Air position to allow support assets free fly lanes
– Secure main town of Pyrgos and await further orders from High Command when secure

Enemy force:

Insurrectionist forces are armed with captured UNSC equipment/weaponry and technology, expect

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