Operation S.A.R.M.B – Saturday 14th January – 7pm UK


Operation S.A.R.M.B – Saturday 14th January – 7pm UK

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Operation Name: Operation S.A.R.M.B

Force and Era: UK:SF

Force Type: Dismounted

Map Name: Malden

All right gents, we need to do something about the massive amount of Russian forces and weapons on Malden.

It as been 3 months since the Russian army invaded Malden and forced all civilians to evacuate the island, after then we started the first operation onto Malden which ended in the loss of the first British army detachment.

We have been sent on a special mission to disable / destroy enemy reinforcement base just south-east of the island, so our main force can start there push against the Russians in 4 days.

Stealth is of the essence.

Tasks destroy as much of the enemy supply line.
-Destroy all of the warning sentry’s surrounding the enemy base (3 of them).
-Secure old medical camp near the military base.
-Clear the south-east island of troops.
-Destroy the military port to the north of Le Port.

Enemy Force Composition: emplacements, infantry, armour (light and medium).

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