New Game-mode ALPHA


New Game-mode ALPHA

Shortly we will be releasing a new mission on the public server, which will form the first map/mission in our rotation. ETR – Stabilization is a Modern version of the old insurgency type missions. The game-mode is designed to be playable and sustainable at low player counts. The current version is in ALPHA and the developers will create a thread for feedback after it goes live. For this ALPHA version we have used the Zargabad map, however if the game mode is received well, we may port to a different map. Also in the pipeline is a larger version of this game-mode to support medium to higher player counts.

The go-live version will have the basic mechanics so players can test the feasibility of the game-mode with many more features waiting to be added. The basic concept is that BLUFOR will have stabilize the region of Zargabad. Many of the region’s civilians have fled their homes to a large refugee camp operated by BLUFOR.   The BLUFOR team will have to clear enemy held towns and give aid to theses towns to bring the civilians back to their homes. This does not mean the towns will not have civilians in though as some people are determined not to be forced from their homes by the insurgents. The resources required to stabilize a town are food, water and medical supplies. But the insurgents will try to prevent this and the the water and food collection areas are highly contested. The region is also littered with IED’s making freedom of movement for civilians very difficult, therefore BLUFOR also need to disarm these to increase civilian trust. If the civilian trust falls to low the tasks will become harder as insurgents will be able to recruit more troops and also BLUFOR are at a much higher risk of ambush as their movement details are passed on to the insurgents. Examples of actions that lower trust are IED’s going off and civilians being killed (blowing up an IED will have the same negative effect as if it is triggered) .

current features:
3 nato ground teams: British, German and US
Transport helo: The lynx/wildcat
Support: British Fire support team (locked to 10 playercount)
Resource collection/delivery areas.


Upcoming Features
4th BLUFOR ground team (will be based on feedback but will be a limeted equipment force,think local militia)
OPFOR  Technical’s
Intel system
local insurgency commander.
player civilians.

A word on resources, this is a pretty new concept to ETR and below is an image of where resources need to be dropped off in game, in a town, the resource collection ares are all noted ingame.  So all that remains is for you the community to get testing and give us your feedback.


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