Little dev update


Little dev update

Hello members, recruits and public viewers.

The operation template is now in a stable version but very basic. All needed for the setup of an op is in like you can join any slot in the beginning but after that only reconnect to your own slot, also if you die you can’t reconnect at all.
The ai tasking is also in and works with different tasks like move, patrol and defend where the ai group looks in a certain radius for a building where they can setup. But wait there is more, there are default values for the ai reinforcement part which you can change. Allowing to make ai never call for it or what the chance should be if they answer a call and another option is how far will they answer.
The tasks are easy to setup with one function call you say what tasks are there. More even now you can set which tasks are necessary to complete for the mission to be over. Meaning if any of them fail the operation will fail.
The next operation is the first real one and means no testing or anything but the real deal. I want to see the best behavior because I will not make it easy but possible with the best tactics.
During this week I will message certain ppl who will be able to make the next operations.



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