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    Hello guys!

    Recently (last Friday (28th October)) we added a new (mainly testing) mission to our arsenal.
    It was on Kunduz, we had kunduz previously as well and removed it due to fps issues when you get closer to the middle of the map.
    Now is the Managements team to remove that mission again, and hopefully fill it in with something good that we can build from and learn from.

    There are two options here,

    Option 1,
    Get a new map to replace Kunduz, it must be a relatively small map (like Kunduz and Zargabad) but can’t be those two maps.
    We will get the mission on this map and try it out first if it can handle the amount of AI.

    Requirements of this map:
    -CUP must be used, no JBAD. (We dont want to add an other 8 GB to our repo.)
    -Roughly 5kmx5km with multiple towns. (So we can have some possible town where the enemies could be.)
    -Works good and has good FPS if you open it up with no units spawned.

    Option 2,
    Get Kidal ( or a similar map (you can discuss) and have multiple little random missions.
    For example that you need to kill a Taliban leader and he will be somewhere in the town.
    Another missions could be to destroy a enemy convoy before it leaves the area.
    (If you like this idea add some more possibilities please)
    The missions would then move to Takistan when an amount of players are active.

    Also if you haven’t played on kunduz yet we I will have it run tomorrow (30th of October) again so you guys could try it out!

    Please don’t try to get off topic here it would be nice if we could get our self a intro mission for a smaller player count.



    Take a look at southern wardak provence. Not sure in what state it is currently. Relatively small and afghan feeling (


    Requires JBAD unfortunately Crazy



    Ah must’ve missed that :/ It had potential


    Viking Red

    Federally Administred Tribal Areas?

    Doesn’t mention jbad.



    As for missions I’d to add some suggestions:
    Have 3 HVTs with roughly or accurately known locations that you have to hit within a certain time frame after killing the first before they escape. Adds an interesting time factor to the game.
    Or: take and occupy an area with a certain number of personnel depending on the people online. Once the capturing of the zone commences, enemies start spawning in the vicinity trying to recapture their territory.
    I also like the convoy idea.

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    Sangin is ok to a point, it needs a custom fix for the sky box (Between hartize finding the code and me actually doing it we’ve got one)

    I like the idea of having it in sangin as a trial perhaps, never thought of it before.

    Only thing to potentially check would be any lag hotspots




    Yes, please!
    I checked out the Kidal terrain the other night and was impressed.
    The town is really well built and there are so many positions you could take fire from.
    In theory, this means you don’t need as many AI at once and you shouldn’t see the AI being spawned in either.


    I really like this map but it had/has a few issues.
    Off the top of my head, there were the IEDs all over the map and around compound entrances that did nothing the last time I checked, and a lot of the compound walls SE of the map were facing 90° from where they should’ve been.
    Hopefully the issues have been fixed!


    This is a tough one. I’m imagining an Afghan Insurgency/Patrol Ops style mission here.

    1) Locate IED Factory.
    IED Factory (ammo cache/IED Box) is located in an area, or 1 of X marked locations.
    Area or each possible location will likely be swarming with 10,000 Kalashnikov-wielding bad guys!
    It would be nice if the search areas were small (~ 500 metres, depending on building density).
    Task completes when IED Factory destroyed.

    2) Arrest Taliban Commander/Bomb Maker.
    Like Acid suggested. Target could be in a single position or 1 of X locations marked on map.
    Of course, this guy is going to surrounded by guys with no teeth!!
    Task completes when target is in custody in base OR DEAD.

    3) Seize/Destroy opium cache.
    1 – 4 compound locations marked on map to be assaulted to either seize or destroy opium caches.
    I’m not sure if they would seize or blow them up… Everyone in a 5 klick radius would be wrecked!
    Doubtful they’ll be guarding these opium caches but they’d definitely want to get them back or stop you from destroying them!
    Task completes when all or X amount of opium caches seized/destroyed.

    4) Destroy Mortar.
    Base, or nearby position takes sporadic mortar fire. Thanks to Acoustic Weapon Location Systems, you know roughly where it is firing from.
    Mortar is defended and chance of attack possible.
    Task completes when mortar is destroyed.

    5) Resupply FOB.
    This wasn’t popular in ZargaStab at all but, I’m running out of ideas.
    Truck spawns at base and you have to resupply/drive to a FOB. Depending on map, the FOB could be different each time.
    Task completes when resupply truck arrives at destination and fails if truck is destroyed.

    6) Hearts & Minds (Sounds better than “PATROL”).
    Patrol village/marked area, talk to civilians for intel, give them aid (bandages, money, etc).
    Enemies spawn in the area and there are possibility of ambushes/attacks.
    Task completes when X amount of civilians talked to/given aid and area cleared of enemies.

    7) Patrol Base.
    Similar to what Acid suggested and a task from the original ETR Kunduz Insurgency.
    Chance of massive attack on position.
    Task completes when all attacks defeated and X time has passed.

    8) Destroy/Defuse VBIED/Bomb Trucks.
    * Sangin reminded me of this – TWC Operation HUNTDOWN(?). This was before my time but I watched it on Sharps YT a fair few months ago.
    Locate and destroy/defuse X amount of bomb trucks in area.
    As all of the above suggestions, TONS of fierce warriors await!
    Task completes when vehicles have been destroyed.


    Nice one there Maff!

    Just to go over a couple of points there and a few that I personally have of the original post.


    Is the first map me and Jasper looked at, the only issue we’ve got with Kidal is the fact that Jasper would have to re-design his civilian spawning script. But otherwise it is our first option.


    Whilst I was away in London, Jasper did try a quick thing to see if it would work. However there where a few fps problems and the other problems we’ve had including the skybox being fucked meaning It’ll not go into the next phase of testing.

    Here is a map that will work near enough off the bat thanks to how Jasper has designed his scripts and alike meaning they can be easily changed over to some maps.

    PR FATA –

    Just putting it there as an option something to look at that would potentially work off the bat if the Kunduz lag remains.

    My personal favourite is along with Maff with Kidal but would need a fair bit of work to get it going. I do feel it would be a cracker tho!

    To discus your points Maff mainly from my personal view I’ll try keep it brief;

    1 – Yes, one of the primary tasks

    2 – Yes, cracking idea

    3 – A strong maybe from me, poss not straight away

    4 – Yes, but would need a fair bit of testing as last time we tried to use mortars for stuff like this they where pin point accurate. Again not straight away

    5 & 6 – This wasn’t a favourite of mine back from Zargabad, I know a few people enjoyed it but the vast majority didn’t. If there was a way to make this an exciting task rather than a chore then maybe.

    7 – Patrol bases I loved them back on Kunduz, pretty sure I remember getting into some shitty situations back on them. However may not work on Kidal be worth a look though.

    8 – I love the idea of anything EOD related, however may be a touch difficult to set up. As long as there was a penalty for just blowing up any vehicle you see it would work.

    Hopefully that sums up my views on this discussion, like I’ve said we have an easier option with FATA in terms of work for Jasper (May be a quick fix) However both me and Jasper do like the idea of Kidal but would require a lot of work in the setup 🙂

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