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    Viking Red

    Suggestion for more gampeplay options in the insurgencz game modes:

    1. a. Protection of specific area; school, dam, bridges, mosques, construction sites.
    b. Show presence for a certain amount of time. (take control of those FOBs spread around in FATA for a period of time and defend against attacks)

    2. Bring supplies water/food/construction materials to specific village (just bring a specific vehicle from vehicle spawn to village).

    3. Setting up aid centres/tents (red cross) OR Bring a “ambulance Land rover” to specific area for specific time.

    4. Clearing/control of hashish fields (drug trade disruption). (Spawn something like an object; crates or bags to be destroyed). Like Dantes suggestion, but more variety of things to destroy.

    5. Suspicious parked vehicle checks (vehicle may or may not be hot). Gain trust by destroying hot vehicles / lose trust by destroying falsely identified vehicles.

    6. Destroy enemy camp/training area. In order to use the less visited areas of FATA (for example the mountainous areas where there are no towns).



    more game-play is always a good thing, I would approve!



    I think Fata is currently a nice “lighter” insurgency, and does not need too many new tasks, while Takistan could be nice if there where a more “living” activity in the bigger area. There I think a lot of the suggestions would be great, especially if it could also tie in with the civilian role, making more options to interact for both NATO and civilian players.

    Fata could still use something to get us to new areas. Some construction areas, factories and military installations are routinely skipped right now, because we all know there isn’t anything spawning there. Same goes for the distant rural areas, so I really like suggestion number 6.



    Just to continue the brainstorming list
    7. Hostage rescue
    8. Medical evacuation of an ally or civ



    I think vikings ideas would be a positive addition to the server, And i agree with Ronberg’s points.


    Hey Guys

    We are taking these ideas on board, the dev team are currently working on the nuts and bolts of side mission structure which when finished will allow us to slowly add objectives like these over time. These are on the chalkboard. Once The side mission code/structure is in a place where we want it, we will start to progress with adding stuff.

    We have a few things on the agenda polishing up what we currently have across the board missions wise (fata/taki/domi) so the team are actively working on stuff, as well as looking at implementing these new features, so with a bit of time you will slowly start to see more things being added.


    Another quick update,

    The dev team are pretty close to beta testing a new way of delivering side mission’s, this if successful will enable us to add more dynamic side missions as well as adding suitable community feature requested side missions, we hopefully aim to get a beta pushed to the server in the next few days. As always initial implementation may be a bit bumpy, and somethings may be aesthetically off, just use the normal bug reports channel on discord to help us with this.
    We will initially be testing just a small selection of missions but we will be expanding it as we move forward.

    Jasper will make a update post when we are ready to go live to tell you about some of the new features. One of the exciting things we are looking at is making the side missions beneficial and worth doing, for example completing a certain type of mission may give you access to rewards.

    See you on the battlefield.



    i like fata and taki ins but feel we need to be pinned down more by enemy to make us think more of our plans and enable us to create new plans we hav’nt done yet. i think the enemy should be taking advantage of the high ground and not us. watching a load of videos of the war in afgan, convoys are pinned on roads with dshk and infantry fire coming down from the mountains. So i suggest

    1a: add strategically placed dshk’s on hill tops facing down on msr’s and asr’s. Jasper, corbett and sharp to go on the server and look for some good spots for the enemy to place these dshk’s looking down on to these roads. Theses positions should be changed daily or every few days if possible.

    1b: not sure if 101st airborne operate in the mountains but if so, Add dshk’s specifically give them the task of clearing these hill tops whilst the rest of squads focus on the caches. So result would be that if you choose to be 101st airborne then your role and tasks are not caches but side missions ie take out the dshk’s. for example if all caches are found and you only squad online you would then have to switch to 101st airborne to activate the side missions and complete. (this could be optional weather to choose to complete all caches and side missions to complete the mission or just keep it as it is, when caches are destroyed its mission success).

    1c: add some highly trained taki snipers.

    we need to be put under more pressure i think by the enemy and think these 2 extra tools (dshk’s and snipers) for the enemy would be good.



    I think 1b is a bit too micromanage for the public server as it is now. Any squad being fired upon would be heavily motivated to deal with the ambusher permanently regardless of actual mission. Maybe in an evolved version of Taki insurgency, inspired by domi, where all get unique missions, and more things spawn depending on the activated squads. Don’t think that would work very well though, unless we are deadsure multiple squads are active most of the time.

    1a really like!!1!

    1c Might not work as desired, but if it does then nice. Hope it does not turn into a guaranteed random KIA, as then it is just as enjoyable as crashing to desktop. But the threat of being supressed is super nice. (does the AI ever shoot a few extra rounds at “last seen position”? If they could start doing that, I think it could add a lot of immersion)


    1a – Yeah i like

    1b – Yes its a bit micro manage and then you also remove a squad from the cache hunting. Squad specific tasks shouldn’t be forced and should be down to the squad leader if they want to take on a task rather than the overall aim of the mission which is the caches

    1c – yeah the AI may become a bit too 1 shot kill like so may be an issue

    And to answer the 101st not in mountainous terrain please see this – It’s a cracking film



    hornets nest, restrepo i seen them all m8 just wasnt sure on which type of squad for the public. i think as for the one shot kill. i think you would be made aware first of the snipers presence if approaching in a vehicle to an ao or town. it would then alter the planning of the sql to adjust to the situation. Understand what you mean with 1b, was just putting that in there as people talk of side missions, meaning a squad could focus completing them whilst the main force focused on the task in hand ie caches. maybe use 3 or 5 snipers on the whole map and make that a side mission for the whole squads to eliminate them. on taki you may not even come up against the snipers just depending on the towns you visit and intel received. i would like yous to create situations that would have us pinned behind our vehicle or a wall and deep n the shit. it would be nice for our plans to not go that smoothly on insurgency. In domi we make a plan head to Ao and realise its not good enough so you always having to adapt and change based on the situation. Thanks for the response and will leave this with yous to decide. Just one more thing, dont be such pussys about a death or 2. its realism, this shit happens. rtbs, arranging lz,s and re-adjusting after a failed plan is all part of the fun Corrigan Out!



    Some Ideas

    Mission Specific updates
    One main idea ability to check for intel on insurgents body’s with random chance of giving intel.
    Another Intel gained where AA positions are. (Or Mortar location listed below)
    Make some missions time based so people can ignore but trust level decreases quite amount if ignored.
    If we get quite a few side missions reduce cache count on taki to 3 leave zata the same. But increase starting range of markers making people want to do them.

    A) Sub 8 man side missions located by talking to civ. That spawns within 2km of that civs location making it accessible by a smaller amount of player. Now for the ideas of Sub missions (This mission can activate over 8 players as well.)
    1) Small arms deal going down near by by either a truck or small vec. (Area Based)
    2) IED Manufacturing plant (Also with possiible pickup able intel that provides a few IED markers and/or cache marker) (Area Based)
    3) Information on civ that works with insurgents. Identifiable by random hat told by civ. Must cable tie and take back to base. (Area Based with Return trip to base to gather intel)
    4) Motorpool location of where they are arm vehicles. (1 Vec for sub 8, 2 Vec for above 8 in area, Area based out of garage in towns as possibility)
    5) Insurgents Setup a road block with some bigger guns (Make 3km Away, Larger force if above 8 players)

    B) Above 8 man side missions
    1) Random time once per game. Mortar team mission only spawns once first rounds land. With a large radius 5km area and reduces with intel or every time they shoot down to 500m radius. (Area that shrinks)
    2) Talking to Civ. Investigate a trade deal involving and unknown 3rd party. To disrupt it and investigate who is involved. (Area Based)
    3) Check out Allied forces location that have gone missing. (Area based but mainly on a road)
    4) Asset allied forces that under attack (Close to Squad leaders location Large Area base but with hopefully gunshots pointing to location.)

    C) Talking to Commander at Base side missions (For Random Side Mission Listed Below)

    2. Bring supplies water/food/construction materials to specific village (just bring a specific vehicle from vehicle spawn to village).

    This i think should be a mission people can talk to a commander at base to get set and vec that needs escorting spawned in (Only Commander of squad can active, Helio can not sling rope vec.)
    2) Going to talk to local informant could be trap or real deal. (Marker to exact house)
    3) Meet Local Forces with either possible intel or one of the random side missions even possible trap and everyone is dead. (exact location but random chance of event at arrival)

    Some other peoples idea i wish to expand what i see from it.

    1c: add some highly trained taki snipers.

    I like the idea of adding a sniper but like the other issue it how accurate it is. even then still think it would be nice. It could also be used for my other idea of mortar team as a spotted.

    See only a small list 😀




    Add more positions AA Guns can spawn at.

    From what I’ve seen, AA Guns are mostly positioned along the central mountain range.
    I think having AA Guns potentially spawn “anywhere” would not only be a challenge for air assets, but also the guys on the ground.

    Positions would, of course, need to be suitably flat and relatively open.
    * ArmA II had really nice “FlatArea…” locations already configured.
    The last time I checked these weren’t configured in CUP Terrains and/or not supported in ArmA III.

    Add AA Guns to possible intel subjects.

    This has been suggested already and has been discussed A LOT during sessions lately.

    This adds more variation for squads not keen on clearing towns and talking to civilians all of the time.
    On top of that, it adds (maybe) an extra consideration for SL’s when planning movement in/to an area.

    Change the current cache to a smaller, less wall-protruding cache.

    Very often caches can be spotted from “miles away” as they, mostly the camo netting, have a tendency to stick out of the building they are in.
    Switching out the caches for something smaller would give players more of a challenge spotting them and force players to check every nook and cranny of a building, which is rarely done currently due to the size and shape of the current caches and the ease in spotting them.

    An example would be to use “Box_IED_Exp_F”.
    This box is considerably smaller, already contains IED’s and blends in really well with most of the buildings in Insurgency.

    Adding an image of the cache to the briefing would be nice too.


    Nice suggestions i’ll pass em up to Jasper and Bob to have a look at


    Hey guys.

    Quite alot of feedback so i will try to cover the main points, as a precursor the dynamic side misions is still a WIP and we are slowly adding features as it proves itself stable.

    Intel from dead insurgents : will look at

    Time based missions: already in.

    Spawning missions from CIV :This was the previous system, the new system is cleaner for devs as all side missions are now issued from the base commander ( Logistics area), having multiple ways of them spawning is too much headache when things go wrong, however we can always have a side mission start by finding a civ/head honcho in a defined area, when questioned he will give the part 2, i.e. a find/destroy task near by.

    medical/aid supply side mission: this is being worked on as we speak and will be added soon, but i can tell you it will indeed involve escorting a supply vehicle spawned from the logistics area to be at base to be convoyed to a random destination.

    cache count: the sidemissions are just side tasks and not required for completion to finish the mission. They just add risk/rewards, however if people really get into the dynamic missions and its increasing playtime we will look at reducing cache limit.

    4/8 man tasks : once we are happy the dynamic system is stable we will look at feasibility of adding tasks for smaller teams. ( all of the tasks suggested by everyone above are being looked at and if feasible will be implemented in some form)

    Highly trained taliban: we had highly trained Taliban before and it made the medic role redundant lol, all for the idea of casevacs and the need to return to base or organise lz’s once and awhile but folks where getting pretty tired of dying in every contact, however may look at adding in as a task e.g. EN sniper team at rng Location, find and destroy

    Increase/randomise AA threat: will look at adding

    dshk’s covering roads randomised: like this idea and will see if it is feasible.

    The idea is to make taki insurgency a more dynamic patrol ops mission with a lot of play-ability that can be enjoyable throughout the day as opposed to straight up cache hunting, don’t forget you don’t have to always slug away at the mission, if you have enough on and the mission has been running for awhile and the player base want it we can always throw domi on for you.

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