Topic: Halloween Special – Operation Flood – Saturday 21st October – 7pm UK – Briefing

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    I Situation:

    Since the overthrow of the rebel forces on this world, UNSC forces have been maintaining a fragile peace within the region. Over time this has led to industry and the economy to build up and improve significantly from the insurgency years.

    48 Hours ago local forces reported to UNSC Command that several off world objects landed in the region and have caused significant damage and destruction. UNSC Command sent a team of ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) Officers to investigate prior to the arrival of our ship the FFG Final Dawn, which will be sent to provide logistical and humanitarian aid to those that require it.

    Our ODST (Orbital Drop Shock Troopers) were awaiting the arrival of a second FFG so we can continue on transit to our original task to support troops in another world. However things changed rapidly….

    1 Hour ago a slightly broken message was sent through it read..

    “Final Dawn….This is Stingray….Authorisation CODE (REDACTED)….Requesting immediate extract….World unsavable….Send the code to Command….GLASS THE PLANET….Help Us!”

    We have been stood too and are preparing to drop to save the survivors of the ONI Team, last check in we had was near Balota Airfield

    Prepare for drop….

    Friendly Forces:

    • ODST Drop Troopers


    • None, however the ONI Team did have assets within the region

    Weather Report:

    • Clear

    Mission Time:

    • 22:00 Hrs Local

    Enemy Forces:

    • Unknown


    • Expected in high numbers

    II Mission:

    • Find and locate the ONI Team, prepare to extract them at all costs before the rest of the fleet arrives to glass the planet

    III Execution:

    Commander’s Intent:

    • Secure the ONI Team to prevent loss of life

    Movement Plan:

    • FFG Final Dawn is moving into position above Balota Airfield, from there you should be able to locate the ONI Team

    IV Administration / Logistics:


    • Final Dawn has supplies on board
    • Marine Teams have been stood to to provide additional drops if required
    • The ONI Team kitted out their vehicles to render medical aid to those that require it so make use of these if required


    • Only the ODST team will be permitted to land on the planet unless you have the entire ONI team, you are on your own gentlemen
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