Feature Requests / Changes


Feature Requests / Changes

The Management team have been recently discussing feature requests and have some concerns that members feel they are unable to contribute Features effectively or Features implemented differ to their vision. To rectify this we are changing the way we deal with server suggestions to make it more accessible for all members of the community. The Issue tracker will remain as it is a useful tool for the dev team however they way features are implemented will now change. A forum for server discussion has now been opened, with separate sub forums for different areas.

Anybody in the community is able to begin a discussion on a feature they would like to see implemented. The topic will then be open for all community members to discuss their opinions on the request. Management will not participate at this stage and will neither support or deny requests, however the community will discuss the idea cordially. Management however will be moderating the thread to ensure that it stays on topic and is limited to the actual request so that we don’t stray off off topic and confuse the request. Once we feel a request has been discussed, management will then meet to discuss the feature, we will look at all the feedback and make an objective decision based on the following factors, community response, realism vs game play, and ability to implement.    If it is a straight forward request management will then push that to the Tracker and the dev team will implement it. If the Idea is complicated or needs adjusting we will post the amended feature on the website for a clarification and in some cases a straw poll.

We hope this will give the community a chance to discuss features before they are implemented free from management over site, so that we can then implement what fits with the ethos of the community.

Please make yourselves aware of the guidelines for when posting found Here.

Everybody is entitled to an opinion but continuous counter posts will be removed, if someone disagrees with your view do not feel the need to make a rebuttal post management will make decisions objectively and not based on who argues their point better so don’t worry if you feel someone has completely rejected your idea. Discussion around areas for clarification are fine, but  strong counter argumentative posts will be removed.

Now a lot of you have hinted that you have some ideas so lets have it and get these things implemented. We look forward to your idea’s/discussions.

The Management Team



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