European Tactical Realism & Apex DLC


European Tactical Realism & Apex DLC

Hello Public Players, Recruits & Members


This is a bit of a PSA with regards to European Tactical Realism and our stance with regard to the Apex update and the new DLC available for Arma 3.


Here at ETR we feel that it is unfair to force users to pay to play within any Arma group, especially witth new DLC that includes Maps, Weapons, Vehicles and Objects.


Therefore the Management Team have decided to not use any DLC ONLY items within our Public Server OR Operations.


This is to allow all users that own Arma 3 but cannot afford to purchase the latest DLC for whatever reason, to be able to play the game that they love and enjoy.


We use plenty of mods that enhance the experience of all our users that are sometimes better than DLC items.


We hope that this eases any concerns that any Public players, Recruits or Members may have about having to purchase  the latest DLC to play here at European Tactical Realism.


The Management Team

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