To become a Recruit here at European Tactical Realism you must comply with the following statements:

  • Must own a LEGAL copy of Arma 3, available on Steam or other good retailers

  • Must not have evidence of hacking within Arma 3 or other games, especially Battleye Global Bans as you will be unable to join the server

  • Preferably be 18 Years old or over (See Below)

    • The minimum age to become a recruit here at European Tactical Realism is 15 YEARS OLD. If you are under the age of 18 and above the age of 15 you will be subjected to an EXTENDED Recruit period to ascertain your level of Maturity within the Group
    • Any applications by users UNDER THE AGE OF 15, will be instantly DENIED
  • Have a high standard of Maturity

  • Achieved a MINIMUM of 2 (TWO) hours play time on the Public Server when other Members & Recruits are online (IDLE TIME WILL NOT BE COUNTED)


Once you have complied with the above statements, copy and paste this template:

What Country are you from? -
What is your In Game Name? - What is your In Game Player ID? -
What is your teamspeak name? (Must Match In Game Name) -
What is your age in years? -
Why do you wish to join? -
What skills do you possess that you feel will help you do well? -
Do you have anything that you could bring to the group to make it more realistic? -
Have you been with any other Mil-Sim any other server before? -
Do you have any real life experience in the military? -
Where did you find out about European Tactical Realism? -

And create a new post titled with your IN GAME NAME – HERE

Once your application has been posted it may take upto 48 hours for it to be processed by an Admin of the group



We allow dual clanning however please check that your current group allows this, If you say you are attending one of our events and fail to turn up you will be subject to Warnings and Removals