ACRE 2 Install Guide

ACRE 2 Install Guide

To install ACRE 2 DO NOT use the ACRE 2 installer built in with Arma3Sync as it is hit and miss if it will actually work.

First download ACRE 2 here if it hasnt downloaded correctly through the repo, it will download both the 32 and 64 bit version then locate your Teamspeak 3 Folder. This is generally located in your Program Files, then you take either the 32bit or the 64bit plugin for ACRE 2 and drag and drop it into your Teamspeak Plugin folder.

Boot up Teamspeak 3 head over to the Settings Tab then the Plugins


If ACRE 2 does not show hit the Reload All button


You will be greeted by a popup saying Welcome to ACRE 2 if you have done this correctly. If you dont see that try the other version of ACRE 2 plugin (eg if you tried 64bit then try 32bit instead)

If you need to change how loud ACRE 2 is then select ACRE 2 in plugins and then select Settings


Move the sliders up or down to set the audio to your liking

And that is ACRE 2 setup, you can change the keys in game by going to Configure > Controls > Configure Addons > ACRE 2 on the drop down and then change the controls as you wish.